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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sweets for your Sweet

So, remember a little while ago when I told you about the wonderful SOMA Chocolatemaker? Obviously I couldn't stay away and I thought it best to visit with the Little Prince just before Valentine's Day to see what special, limited edition offerings they had.

Inspired by Rodin, no doubt

The first thing I see when I walk amongst their shelves (and shelves) of chocolate is this gorgeous heart sculpture, nestled artistically on a bed of foliage.  Upon closer inspection, I realize the sculpture is made entirely out of dark chocolate and I'm so delighted that I have to take a moment to compose myself.  How could you eat something this beautiful? Oh, I'm sure I could, but I would definitely contemplate it for a few hours prior.

 Naturally heart-shaped Japanese walnuts

I had to get a closer pic of this gem

Now it's on to the showcase, where these adorable little treats immediately catch my eye.  "What are those nuts?", I wonder aloud and am immediately informed by the friendly staff that it is, in fact, a walnut but a special breed from Japan.  Imagine getting handed a little box of those? Not only do you get to hold someone's heart, you get 6 tasty little Japanese ones, too!

After all the chocolate cruising, I was feeling like I needed to indulge.  Given my past history of molten chocolate love, I ended the evening with a shot of salted molten dark chocolate (complements of the Little Prince, I might add. See? Chivalry does live on!).  Although the chocolate is always top quality at SOMA, this treat may have been a little too rich and I made a note to stick with the much loved Hot Chocolate at my future visits, which is diluted with almond milk.

Liquid love

I hope you all enjoy your special day with the one you love, whether it's a partner or yourself. <3

Wishing you lots of love and chocolate!

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