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Monday, May 16, 2011

Living Food

For my birthday, my bestie J took me to a raw food "cooking" class in the popular St. Lawrence Market. The lady teaching the class (the owner of Cruda Cafe) was SO inspiring in her views of food as medicine that I have been obsessed with raw food ever since!

On a recent trip to Vancouver, I was completely spoiled as my hotel was within walking distance from 2 amazing raw food restaurants: Gorilla Food and Organic Lives.

Since I believe a picture is worth a thousand words, feast your eyes on my recent pics and see if they also inspire you to take up raw cuisine!

This breakfast crepe was from Organic Lives and was filled with fresh strawberries and pear slices and drizzled with a mouth-watering strawberry maple sauce. The crepe itself was so thin and delicate and a perfect mate for the fresh fruit. I also got the fresh almond milk to round out the meal and was pleasantly surprised at how much better fresh raw almond milk is than the boxed variety!

The above 2 photos are of the Kunda Linguini Rising and the Choco Gorilla Almond Shake at Gorilla Foods. The linguini is zucchini noodles tossed in a pesto sauce and layered with tomato marinara sauce and a tenderized kale mix with a sprinkling of crushed nuts. Even after 8 hours of walking all around the city and working up an appetite, I still wasn't able to finish this meal all in one sitting!

Finally, the Ocean Wrap (again, from Gorilla Foods). It was a perfect lunch on a hot day. The salty walnut pate balanced the sweetness of both the nori and carrots, and the rest of the veggies offered that satisfying, refreshing crunch.

Gorilla Food

604 684 3663
101-436 Richards St.
Vancouver, BC


777 588 7777
1829 Quebec St.

Vancouver, BC