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Friday, March 23, 2012

When life gives you lemons...

Today, it is pouring rain.  This is huge change from the rest of the week that was 30 degrees Celsius and sunny, sunny, sunny.

Luckily, this means that it will be a very productive study day and I started the day off right with some amazingly liver-friendly hot water and fresh Meyer lemon juice.  Meyer lemons have a naturally sweeter tasting juice and also have natural anti-microbial properties, meaning their juice can kill bacteria.  So, not only are they an amazingly cleansing drink for your body, they are also an amazing cleaning product!

 Hot water and lemon juice. Yum!

Save your peels! 

Use them to clean your sink. It will be shiny, smell lovely and be mostly germ-free!

Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Moments from my Sunday...

Breakfast for two: French Toast

Fresh french baguette, organic free-range eggs, Quebec maple syrup

The first flowers of the season

Splashes of colour

Street art in Leslieville

Harry Potter Glasses!

Basically a photo summary of my Sunday.  The weather in Toronto has been fantastic lately, and I tend to take full advantage of it on Sundays, when I'm not working or at school.  Can you see why Sundays are my favorite day of the week?

Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Video Scholarship Submission!!!

Every year, Naturopathic Medical students across North America are given the amazing opportunity to apply for a scholarship from Bob's Red Mill.

Not only do students win money for their program, they are also given the opportunity to give a speech on  the concept of food as medicine, a topic that I am particularly passionate about.  It's amazing how the basis for our health can come from something as simple as what we are putting in our mouths.  After all, the food you eat ends up being broken down and used to build up your cells so that you, quite literally, are what you eat.

I'd really appreciate any feedback and support you may have for this project.

Have a nutrient-filled day!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Midnight Serenade: the magic of chance encounters

I actually just met this talented young man tonight (he knows M-they were randomly re-acquainted today on Queen Street) and he agreed to do a little performance for us as he and his friend walked us home.  He covered the King's "Use Somebody" and he has the most magnificently angelic voice, so you will hardly notice the amateur nature of my video.

He promised to serenade us again in the near future and we certainly hope it comes true!  Thank goodness for chance encounters, they keep life fantastically interesting.

Have a musical day!

Sunday at The Beaches

The Beaches is a community that lies east of Downtown Toronto.  As expected, it's located directly on the lake shore and it is littered with beautiful parks and fantastic brunch spots. In short, it is charming and I am so incredibly privileged to be able to live here.

Today I started my morning with a run, followed by brunch at Bonjour Brioche with my good friend, T.  The use of good quality ingredients showcased that a dish doesn't have to be complex to taste amazing, as long as you start with fresh, local ingredients.  We met an adorable couple waiting in line in front of us and were strongly advised to get the eggs benedict, which may have been one of the best decisions of my life.

 The eggs benedict.  Yes, it's served up on a fresh croissant.

The Croque Madam.  My first time ever tasting brioche.

My new scarf, a birthday present from a very stylish friend. 

After brunch, I wanted to take advantage of the sunny day and went for a long walk with M in the park and along the beach.  Everyone was out, including the most adorable little boy and his mom, who were running along the pond.  You can't see it in the photo, but there were 2 enormous trumpet swans floating in the pond.

 Me and M pause to document the insanely gorgeous day.

The most adorable mother-son pair ever. 

On the walk back to the house, I noticed a group of 8 or so teenagers talking by a brick wall.  It was such a cool moment and I wanted to capture it, but when I asked to take a photo most of them got shy and stepped out of the frame.  Luckily, 3 remained and I managed to get this awesome shot that I think captures the feel of the city perfectly.  When I showed them the photos, they all agreed that it was pretty "sick" (Note: urban dictionary defines sick as being "crazy, cool or insane").  Not bad for an amateur, I say! 

The finished product.

Have a sunshine-filled day!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stoked on Stott's Pilates

When your roommate happens to be a Pilates instructor in-training, you're bound to hear about good deals. Just for being a friend of a Pilates apprentice, I have access to 1 hour private sessions (one-on-one) for only $10 + hst.

I know, phenomenal.

As a student, this delights me and I have already taken advantage of the deal in the form of 3 sessions.  I'm actually kind of hooked on it and my oblique muscles are thanking me for it.

Not friends with an apprentice (yet)?  As a regular client, you will only pay $20 + hst.  Since a private session by a certified instructor is around $70 per hour, you're still getting a fantastic deal.

Check out the Stott Pilates Studio and Corporate Training Center website by clicking here or go visit them in person:

2200 Yonge St., Suite 500
Toronto, On
(416) 482-4050

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blissed out on Body Blitz

How does an aspiring ND spend her birthday in the city of Toronto?

The illuminated dead sea pool, with the circular cold plunge pool

This past Sunday, I was lucky enough to be given a very generous gift for my special day: 2.5 hours in the waters at Body Blitz.  Isn't it so romantic to be able to say "this weekend, I'm taking the waters"?

If you've not heard, Body Blitz is the first female only hydrotherapy spa in Toronto and the perfect pilgrimage for weary relaxation seekers.  The spa is equipped with a dead sea pool, green tea pool, cold plunge pool, eucalyptus steam room and infrared sauna.   The walls have a poster of the suggested circuit you should follow for the 2.5 hours, but you are also free to simply hang out wherever and enjoy the waters. I myself fell asleep in the lovely red lounge chairs for about 20 minutes in between circuits.

The plush lounge chairs overlooking the dead sea pool

A sample of the circuit goes something like this:
Soak in the dead sea salt pool for 5-10 minutes.  Move to the eucalyptus steam room for another 5-10 minutes.  Submerge yourself in the cold plunge pool for 1 minute.  Move to the infrared sauna for 5-10 minutes.  Submerge yourself in the cold plunge pool for 1 minute.  Soak in the green tea pool for 5 minutes.  Rinse off in the shower and take a final plunge in the cold pool.

Another view of the dead sea pool, with the green tea pool in the front corner

So, how did I feel after my treatment?  Being suspended in a body of water is so therapeutic.  It takes pressure off the joints and makes me sublimely happy to float about in the pool.  Not only is it relaxing in this sense but the circuit, which alternates between hot and cold, is very good for increasing circulation which can energize the body as well as have a wonderful detoxifying effect.  

Overall, I was incredibly pleased with my trip to the Blitz and I would strongly suggest it to anyone looking for a relaxing experience in the city.  A great gift for a loved one or a special treat for yourself!

Body Blitz
471 Adelaide Street West
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 364-0400