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Monday, August 22, 2011

Say NO to GMO!

When people would ask me what the problem is with Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs), I could never really give them a great explanation. They would argue that the heartiness of the crops meant that they would yield more food and so decrease the possibility of starvation. How could I explain that although we get our caloric needs from GMO foods, all their selective breeding has made them seriously lacking in nutrients and thus leading to the current phenomenon of our society being overfed but undernourished?

Luckily, I found a great article about this trend that you can read by clicking here.

This article explains how taste and nutrient density were both compromised in the scientists' quest to make higher crop yields so that you really do have to eat more of today's bland foods in order to get the same vitamin and mineral amounts that a smaller serving of your grandparents' tasty food supply would yield. The way I see it, everyone loses with GMO foods.

Stop the GMO movement by voting with your dollars and try to purchase only organic and heirloom fruits and vegetables. If big companies won't respond to your desire for health, they will respond to the lack of funds.

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