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Friday, February 10, 2012

A Lovely Day to Study....

I had the most amazing morning; M made me a spinach mushroom omelete (I eat eggs now!), I'm wearing my favorite shirt and I'm studying at my favorite cafe.

That colour! The eggs are from an organic, free-range farm just east of the city

I discovered Mylk Uncookies last summer.  What lured me was their fresh made daily almond mylk (I still do not do dairy) and I ended up falling in love with their tea lattes (Earl Grey and Vanilla, Chai etc.)

Today, I ordered their Walnut Green Tea Latte with almond mylk and I'm planning on drinking many lattes throughout the day as I work away.  Have a look at how lovely this cafe is and soon you'll be lured down here too!

 Just like their almond mylk, it's all made fresh daily!

Retro feel, with a colour scheme inspired by Tiffany's

The raw treats! 

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hey Jas! I love when you post things like this. You paint such a lovely, romantic picture of the healthy life, it's beautiful! Where is this cafe, by the way? I definitely need to check it out. Happy studying!