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Monday, October 8, 2012

Holiday Discovery

I have been meaning to get out to the Glen Stewart Ravine for quite some time now.  Today I finally did and it was even more amazing than I had anticipated.  The ravine is gorgeous this time or year, with the sunlight streaming in from breaks in the canopy and the leaves floating majestically to the ground.

Many years ago, I participated in a wine tasting and the sommelier had described a particular wine as having "a hint of forest floor" taste.  At the time I chuckled, but if I were to guess what he would have been tasting, I'll bet it was very similar to the smells of the ravine today: sweet and earthy yet fresh.  The aromatic wisps are stirred up by the creek and delivered gently to your nose as you breath in the crisp autumn air. Ahhhhhhh.

As always, some pictures for you to enjoy.  I'm certain I felt just like Columbus upon discovering this strange new world filled with treasures.

 A boardwalk protects the creek from your feet and your feet from the mud 

"And the light floods in all day for free; all you have to do is catch it"

Ended the trip with a peek at the lake.  Gorgeous.

Have a light-filled day!

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  1. Hey, Jas!
    I really enjoy your blog and I follow it all the time. Keep up the awesome blogging! I featured some CCNM bloggers on my post today (for the Sunshine Award). http://taliamarcheggiani.com/2012/10/27/the-sunshine-award/#comment-523