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Friday, October 3, 2014

This Could Be Why Menopause Is Solely a Western Phenomena

I discovered TedTalks back in 2010 and have been impressed with all the lectures I have encountered thus far.

I recently came across the following TedTalk that made me think.  As a practitioner, I use nutrient therapy to help people feel well and function optimally. We're taught in school that lifestyle and diet are the fundamentals of health, however, these are becoming increasingly more difficult to nurture due to the pace of modern life.

As an intern in Toronto, ON where the women are all incredibly driven, I saw case after case of amenorrhea (women not getting a period) or oligomenorrhea (frequent menstrual bleeding, more than once a month) in young women and debilitating menopause in middle-aged women.  These patient numbers, however, paled in comparison to the number of young women seeking help with fertility after trying for years with no results.

Dr. Libby Weaver's description of "Rushing Women Syndrome" is an eye opener to why women's health issues are at an all time crisis in North America.  As a practitioner, part of my job is to empower my patients to take control of their health and Dr. Weaver's talk will inspire many that it is possible.

I also came across an interesting article in The Atlantic written by a woman who left a high-profile job to be with her children after finding that she just couldn't do both.  You can find this article by clicking here.

This goes back to a huge belief of mine that women should consider a career or motherhood to spare their health and to have happy lives.  This may sound anti-feminist but my opinion is formed entirely as a practitioner who cares about my female patients and places their health optimization above anything.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion-so what is yours?

What do you think about this? Does it strike true with you?  Does it explain a few things?

Some food for thought....

Yours in health,


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