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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Business of Food

A fantastic resource for people living in my city as well as savvy Internet users is the site: http://www.reapcalgary.com/.

I love reading their various articles as they encourage a more open minded, earth conscious way of living by offering educated and informed opinions.

I just read one of their articles about a film that I have been meaning to see for some time now called Food, Inc. I strongly believe in the benefits of a whole food, wholesome diet after seeing the positive changes it made in my own life (glowing skin, more energy, bright eyes, faster recover time, more efficient bodily function) and Food, Inc, is certainly bringing to light the great farce of highly processed foods that are marketed to appear more wholesome and good for you than they actually are. We need to demand nutritionally dense food that encourages health, not chemically altered molecules that actually hinder it. The below link takes you to both the article and a preview of the film.

I already placed a hold for my copy at the library and will write a post sharing my thoughts on the film very soon.

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