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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Acupuncture is A-OK!

Acupuncture points along the Conception Vessel meridian. Notice the thumbs up, indicating how A-Ok it is :)

I'm always a bit shocked when people say they are frightened of receiving acupuncture.  After a few inquiries, I discovered that most people are not frightened of the needles (they are, after all, very tiny--you can hardly see them in the above photograph!) but they are actually just not sure what to expect.  

Having received quite a few acupuncture treatments in my time, I have come up with some common sensations that should occur as well as some sensations that should not.

What you will feel:

Patients are divided on whether or not they feel the needle go into their skin--this depends on the area being treated as well as the person, but generally it is a light tap or a pinch that is felt for only a second.

Once the needle is in, most patients report feeling the following sensations either for the duration of the treatment or just at the beginning, when the needle is being inserted:
  • aching
  • pressure
  • heaviness
  • warmth
The above sensations are good and mean that the Qi is being stimulated and healing has commenced. 

Under no circumstances should you experience the following:
  • intense pain
  • radiating pain

After receiving an acupuncture treatment, it is advisable to rest/take it easy and forgo vigorous exercise, consumption of alcohol or drugs as well as any sexual activity.  To get the most out of your treatment, you should go home, relax and be sure to get a fantastic sleep so that treatment can be further enhanced.

So, look up some acupuncture schools in your community and stop into their Student Clinic to receive an effective and affordable treatment!


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