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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Give me SOMA that: SOMA Chocolatemaker Rocks!

In Denmark, there is a special word to describe nearly everything cozy.  Hygge (pronounced "hoogga", if we try saying it while forming our mouth to say "ee" instead of "oo") originally meant "well-being" but it has since been used to describe anything comfortable and warm, from something literal like physically sitting by the fire to something more abstract, like a state of mind.  As you know, J was recently in Denmark and she taught me this lovely word when she was describing her new, oversized wool coat:

Very hygge, no?  

Keeping with the hygge theme, on Friday evening M took me somewhere special.  It started out as a little walk around the block but we got closer and closer to King Street West and soon we were peering into the most adorable little chocolate shop I've ever encountered.  SOMA Chocolatemaker just opened their King West location, and I couldn't be more thrilled!  We sat for hours on the bench, letting the glorious smell of fresh chocolate waft over us as we sipped our Mayan Hot Chocolates and shared silly secrets in hushed tones.  Totally hygge!

Mayan Hot Chocolate (veganize by asking for soymilk)

The hot chocolate here is the real deal, being made from a shot of molten dark chocolate that is then mixed with the milk and fresh spices (powder? puh-leez!).  Honestly the best hot chocolate I have had in my life (and I grew up in the mountains where hot chocolate is something of a staple).

But aren't they also a chocolate maker, you ask? SOMA has the most interesting flavour combinations I had ever heard of (8 year old balsamic vinegar, douglas fir, 'Pop rocks'--to name a few) but I have to go all Johnny Depp in Chocolat and claim that I'll take the hot chocolate any day.  

 Les chocolats

Close up of the various gems.  Quit drooling all over your keyboard.

Whether you go alone or with someone special, SOMA Chocolatemaker is a fantastically cozy place that you want to visit at least once, in the name of hygge.

SOMA Chocolatemaker
443 King Street West
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 599-7662


  1. Looks delicious. Does SOMA have any other locations that you've discovered?

  2. YES! Apparently they are also in the Distillery District, at 55 Mill Street :) That was the first SOMA store and probably even MORE amazing!