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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Guess where I am?

If you've been dying for a change of scenery, I have some good news: For the next 3 months, I'll be writing from my hometown of Calgary, Alberta!

In case you haven't heard, Calgary is most famous for its annual Calgary Stampede which is sort of like a fair with rides and weird food but, of course, on a much grander scale.  The locals like it because, for 10 whole days, they can wear denim to work and the tourists love it because the city turns into a sort of Cowboy Vegas (sorry, thats the best way I know to describe it).

Although I often refer to Alberta as the 'wild west', I am pleased to report that the city has much improved since I have returned and I seem to be constantly meeting fascinating and intelligent individuals.  In fact, on the plane ride from Toronto I sat beside the most delightful man and had an engaging 4 hour conversation about absolutely every fascinating world subject you can possibly imagine! I have a feeling this wonderful start to the summer will act as a predictor of the rest of my vacation.

Tomorrow, I've been promised a trip to the farmer's market and hopefully I can whip up something new and post a long awaited recipe for you all.

Have a wonderful day!

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