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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sunburn and Sikism: A Tale of a Saturday

Whew, what a busy weekend! This past Saturday, I was out and about with H and her family to celebrate the Sikh holiday of Baisakhi.  Since H's family is not particularly religious, the festival is purely of a cultural interest and as such was loaded with lovely outfits and delicious food.

Check out my photo diary of the day below (and forgive the iPhone photos-they didn't even come close to capturing the splendor of the day)

 H's beautiful red suite.  She's mad stylish, you know

 No detail escapes H, even down to the matching hair flower

 One must cover their head as a sign of respect, so H lent me this striped scarf

 So many people; so many colours

A float in the parade that carries both the holy book and some holy men

The energy at the event was incredible and I've never met so many generous or friendly people!  After the amazing day, I was so lost in the fun that it took me until evening to discover a nasty sunburn on my nose.  A few natural ways to deal with sunburn are with topical gels or homeopathics, but since I didn't have time to run out to the homeopathic pharmacy I opted to apply pure aloe vera gel (straight from the plant) to my nose and it feels much much better.  Obviously prevention (ie sunscreen) is best, but if you do find yourself with a sunburn this summer, try some aloe-just clip off a leaf and squeeze the gel out.

Have a sun-filled day!

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