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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Surrounding The Dragon

...and other tales from my third year at Naturopathic school.

I'm back in school and already we've jumped right into things.  I love all my classes this semester, but I've always reserved a special place in my heart for Asian Medicine.  I believe my huge respect for energetic medicine was cemented in my very first acupuncture practical and it has been my favorite class ever since.

Just recently we learned a fascinating technique called "Surrounding The Dragon".  This technique helps fade scar tissue by surrounding the scar with needles and thus redirecting the Qi (or body's energy) underneath the damaged tissue and ultimately outwards to "lift" the scar.  Obviously, this can be great from both a cosmetic and functional perspective.  This technique is most effective on fresh scars but, because we needed the practice, future NDs in my class were seeking out all their old scars to be needled.   Check out the photos below.  You have to admit; it looks kind of pretty, doesn't it?

 Redness indicates lots of Qi movement

Halfway there!

Have an uplifting day!

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