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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Documentary Review: Choosing to Die (2011)

All Healthcare professionals are required to take a bioethics course that is designed to give doctors and nurses an objective view of certain controversial topics. Doctors in the present day are more likely to act in the patient's interest than to act paternalistically, which means that all doctors should have a vast knowledge of both sides of a procedure in order to serve their patients most optimally.

One such controversial subject is euthanasia. An excellent documentary I found was Terry Pratchett's Choosing To Die, in which the director, Pratchett, follows 3 people in their dealings with terminal illness. The film is incredibly moving, but may be very uncomfortable for some to view. Although not all 3 of Pratchett's subjects agreed with the appropriateness of euthanasia in their own lives, they all seemed to agree that everyone should have the right to die with dignity. You can watch the entire film below.

***Warning: Not all may find this film easy to view***

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