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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Book Review: The Hormone Diet

In my undergrad I was constantly meeting people (usually gym rats) who claimed that effective weight loss through exercise and slight diet modifications alone was possible.  I'm a huge fan of both exercise and diet modifications (hello, have you seen my blog?) but I always felt that there was another part of the equation that we were missing.  It seemed that everyone I knew knew someone (or a few someones) who were diligently exercising and eating healthy meals and yet were struggling with weight loss.  What was the missing link?

Luckily, my colleague Dr. Natasha Turner discovered the winning equation and wrote a fantastic book about it!  As it turns out:
diet + exercise + HORMONES = weight loss
The idea is balance your hormones with personalized lifestyle changes,  supplements and dietary changes and you will see lasting weight loss.  My favorite part of the book is that you can evaluate the areas of your body that are prone to weight gain (abdomen, back of the arms, hips etc.) and gauge which hormones you are deficient in or in excess of and go from there.  Another cool thing? She has a website, in case you can't wait to get your hands on a copy.

Not only could I not put this book down, I now have a great gift idea for Christmas....


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