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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Seriously: The Most Amazing GF Bread

My amazing colleague is a phenomenal baker and shared with me her fantastic recipe for gluten-free bread that can be found on her blog by clicking here.

Here is a photo of my take on her recipe:

The only difference I made was to substitute sweet sorghum flour in place of the brown rice flour.  I previously made a loaf with the brown rice flour and although both are fantastic, M preferred the sweet sorghum version, so sweet sorghum flour it is!

This bread is truly amazing-not only is it pretty easy to make (if you have baked cookies before, chances are you can bake this too!) but it has a fantastic quality of moistness to it that is simply not present in store-bought brands like O'Doughs or Glutino.

Much cheaper than buying GF bread from the store and a thousand times tastier.  Making and freezing my own bread is a total no-brainer.


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  1. Sooooo happy that you and M liked the bread! I know eating g-free can be hard; thankfully this recipe provides the doughyness that most commercial g-free breads are missing.