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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Product Review: Hurraw! (The BEST Lip Gloss EVER!!!)

The title of this post says it all.  I have discovered the most amazing lip gloss that also just happens to be raw, organic and 100% vegan!

I have been looking for Hurraw lip gloss for quite some time and recently found it in the Big Carrot, located in the Danforth.  Not only does this phenomenal lip gloss come in a ton of fun flavours (like root bear, vanilla float, black cherry etc.), but it also smells EXACTLY like the flavours, which is not too common in lip glosses these days.

I purchased the root beer flavour, a childhood favorite, and was pleased to report that the lovely smelling lipgloss was easy to apply (thanks to its unique oval shape, see below) and gave the most delightful, high powered, mirror-like sheen without being heavy or sticky.

The best part about this lipgloss? It is guaranteed not to melt in your back pocket.  I, of course, put it to the test and am very pleased to say that this is completely true.

Go buy yourself some Hurraw! to combat those chapped, winter lips-you'll also end up injecting some fun into your day.

Have a wonderful 2012!

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