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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sweet Treat: An Adventure in Cupcakes

The Art of Cupcakes

This past Wednesday, M and I had to get our passports renewed.  What could have been an incredibly mundane chore turned into an adventure that will live on forever in this blog. You see, as we were strolling down the street to get to the intimidating government building, we happened to pass Prairie Girl Bakery.

I had heard legends about this place: how the owner had been a lawyer in Saskatchewan who one day gave it all up to bake cupcakes.  And not just any cupcakes, the ones your grandma would be proud to serve.  That means absolutely zero artificial anything.  No wonder these little cakes are touted as being the best in Toronto!

Replenishing the stock

M and I stood there, with our mouthes gapped open in awe, outside the window for at least 3 minutes before we had the courage to step inside.  How could a place so cheerful and warm be located here, amongst endless government documents and cranky people?  Once inside the shop, we were met by rows and rows of beautifully iced cupcakes and the delicious smell of someone baking more in the back.
The menu

Because the cupcakes are so non-artificial (think eggs, butter and milk), this unfortunately meant I couldn't enjoy one but watching M indulge was enough-- I swear, M smiled for 3 hours after finishing that cupcake!

 The Black Forrest Cupcake
M is ridiculously happy

The staff was friendly, the place was lovely and we have now found the perfect place to get birthday cupcakes for our friends.

Praire Girl Bakery
Unit 106, 18 King Street East
Toronto, Ontario

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