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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo. How 'bout you, you, you?

I meant to post this quite some time ago....

Calgary is known for their world class zoo (it ranks up there with the one in San Diego!) and my mom has an annual pass, so I got free admission to go check out an attraction that I have been dying to see: the penguins!

I first fell in love with the penguin while being serenaded by the lull of Morgan Freeman's narrative while watching "The March of the Penguins".  That love only grew when I got to see the tiny wild ones that live off the south coast of Australia while I was living in Melbourne.  Now, finally, we were to be reunited again.  Check out my photos of that wonderful day below (it was an iPhone day, so I apologize about the poor quality in advance):

A display of the different breeds 

 Feeding time

 I swear he dove in just so I could snap the picture

Isn't he handsome?

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