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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bitten by the Holiday Fever

Agaricus is the homeopathic remedy that treats frostbite.  Unfortunately, I do not have any on hand, which wasn't the wisest decision I've ever made since I am back at home for Christmas and the average daily temperature is -25*C.  Brrrrrrrrrr......

Yes, I left the drizzling, mild Toronto weather on Christmas Eve to arrive in a freezing cold winter wonderland that is Calgary.  Here are some pictures from my (rather short) annual Christmas walk in Fish Creek Park, Alberta juxtaposed with pictures of my walk in High Park, Ontario that occurred just days prior.  My Christmas morning walk was magical; not a soul was to be seen and the snowflakes were drifting down ever so softly and lazily to cover the glittering world below.  

 A beautiful fall-like day in High Park, Toronto

 More High Park gorgeousness

A new friend I made in the park. I named him Cornelius.  

 And now, to Calgary and the vastness of the prairies.  

 "The quickest way to the universe is through a forest wilderness"

 The beautiful river, all sparkling with snow and ice

A stunning sunrise over the woods

Have a glorious day!

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