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Friday, December 28, 2012

Mad Calgary Love

I am continually amazed at how charmed my life is.  Last night, I had the incredible blessing of spending an evening with very dear, old friends of the family at their house on the lake.  They love to throw an annual Christmas party which is always a huge hit.  Not only was I surrounded by those I loved but I was also able to make new friends with some very interesting people (one of which had climbed Mount Everest!).  Taking full advantage of the very frozen lake, I brought my skates (and ear muffs, toque, scarf and wooly sweater) and *attempted* to play a game of hockey with the other party guests.  A winter evening full of laughter, fun and love is exactly what I needed after months of being homesick for my hometown.

My sister couldn't stop laughing at how ridiculously happy and bundled up I was

After the skating party, we warmed up in front of the roaring fire while a particularly talented party guest serenaded us on the grande piano.  'Hey Jude' never sounded so wonderful.

Have a toasty day!

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