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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Restaurant Review: Karine's All Day Breakfast

The last time I ate in a food court, I'm pretty sure I was still in the single digits. I've since avoided them, as I'm not usually a fan of dining in prison-like cafeteria atmospheres and only something really great could ever tempt me to eat off of a plastic tray.

Enter greatness.

I discovered Karine's All Day Breakfast on happycow.net, a website that helps vegans and vegetarians find restaurants in various cities.  Unfortunately, I was unable to make it out to Karine's on that excursion and I forgot about it for a few years.  I rediscovered Karine's on a recent visit to the AGO, as looking at art always seems to make me hungry.  Since Karine's is located just across the street from the gallery, it seemed a perfect choice.

Upon arriving in the food court, I was pleasantly surprised at the warm, inviting atmosphere.  The kiosk was covered with a beautiful array of fresh fruit and the menu tablets were done up with artistic flare.  The staff all had wicked Santa Monica style and Karine herself was welcoming customers with her bubbly personality and huge smile! As for the food? Take a look at these pics:
Karine's All Day Breakfast was able to accomodate M's gluten intolerance (dish above)
I got the vegan tofu scramble, but the main draw of the dish was all the exotic fruits I got to try! Dragon fruit is a new favorite!

I'm definitely adding Karine's to my brunch rotation. 

Karine's All Day Breakfast
109 McCaul Street
Toronto, ON
(416) 591-0863


  1. Cool - the food looks great! I live so close and I had no idea it existed! Do they have raw meals too?

  2. I believe they do, if you order a fresh fruit platter but as for gourmet raw meals, you best leave that to Rawlicious, Live or (the newest raw restaurant in Toronto) Belmonte Raw! I hope to get out there soon so I can write another review!