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Friday, October 21, 2011

Foraging for fresh herbs...

If you've read my blog over the past 3 months, you may have noticed that I love to walk around the city of Toronto.  You may not have noticed, however, that I also love to harvest fresh herbs from the various places I walk to.  At the beginning of the summer, it was only fresh mint from a wild patch near the lakefront but lately I have been more adventurous with my foraging (thanks to the Botanical Medicine walk with Dr. G) and I have since begun to pick a few more things....

Fresh sage! Smells lovely and can be eaten fresh or hanged to dry and burnt to 'cleanse' the house.

Garlic Mustard! Has a nice kick to it, like mustard greens, and grows in abundance in the Ravine (and apparently all over Toronto!)

Mmmmmm fresh, free and oh-so-tasty! Go get them while you still can.

Enjoy your day!

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