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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How 'bout them apples?

It's apple season in Ontario!

M's parents are so sweet; they are always bringing up fresh produce from the fruit belt when they come to visit.  This time they brought 2 different apple varieties: one of which is Cortland (the other has slipped my mind).

I was amazed at how wonderful they smell when they are fresh; the entire kitchen was swimming in this sweet, crisp smell of apples when I got home.  I was also very appreciative that these apples did not have that wax coating that you tend to find in the store-bought varieties, even if you buy organic.

I haven't really had time to make anything fancy out of them and have just been eating them plain or adding them to my favorite juice combo; carrot-ginger-apple.  For all you people who may be coming down with a bug, the kick of fresh ginger in your juices can help you warm up and expel any of the congestion your body may have.

Still studying for Midterms, but took a quick break to find this cute lil guy in the pet store for some puppy therapy:
Have a great day!

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