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Friday, October 28, 2011

This Just In: Gratefulness Not Dead

I recently read an article in Tonic magazine that addressed the concept of gratefulness.  The article outlined that with everything being so readily available in our electronic world, gratitude is a less likely practice.
"When we feel that we could possibly have anything we want without having to wait, then what is important about being grateful?"
Apparently there are some nice health benefits associated with gratefulness, like overall improved health and well-being, lowered blood pressure, reduced stress/anxiety and better sleep quality.  I'm not sure about you, but I notice that the people who look at life with a thankful attitude are often the most happy and successful people I know.

So how do we invite gratitude in our daily lives and see these health benefits? The author of the article, Sonia Byrne, said it is as easy as simply listing 3 things from the day that you are grateful for while you are in bed getting ready to sleep for the night.  It turns out that ending the day in gratitude is the ideal way to help gratitude seep into your unconscious mind.

Now, some days finding 3 things will be a breeze and some days it may take a bit of searching but as long as you cultivate awareness of what you can be grateful for, you will automatically seek it out in your daily lives :)

Have a wonderful, grateful day!

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