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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What are you listening to?

"Jas, I'm addicted to music these days.  I mean, I don't even want to go to sleep at night because I want to hear just one more song."
My fantastic colleague, F, enthusiastically relayed the above quote to me as we were simultaneously eating and studying in the Cafeteria.  Music has been a favorite form of human expression for many generations and certain types of music have been proven to have a deeper effect on a person's brain wave activities (Didn't your English professor ever tell you to listen to Bach while you studied?).  Considering we're right in the middle of midterms, I'm not surprised that music seemed to have such an uplifting effect on F and escaping to your own personal symphony every so often can be a great way to diffuse stress.

If you're in the mood for some highly diverse and amazing styles of free music, you can check out the following sites:

www.stereomood.com (music to suit your mood!)
www.thesixtyone.com (music by independent artists that is constantly being updating!)

As for me? I'm a little more hands-on and I was fortunate enough to have an amazing colleague, M, who lent me her violin to play away my pre-exam jitters.  After 30 minutes of Mozart, I'm feeling quite a bit better and up for another round of studying!

Enjoy your day!

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